More kid funny

I am a very avid reader.  I read all the time and when the book is good I become completely consumed.  It is really like a drug for me, I can never get enough reading.  When I am not reading my current book I feel restless and uneasy…I can feel it pulling me towards it.  My son is just like me.  He reads non-stop.  My husband told me this story the other day and I thought it was hysterical.

When the kids were little, if my husband was reading to them and didn’t think they were paying attention he would start adding in silly sentences to make them giggle and see if they were still listening.  They both thought it was great, especially my son.  The other night he was reading to him and threw in a silly sentence for old time’s sake.  My son said, “please stop Daddy”.  But being a Daddy, of course he did it again.  And got asked again politely to “please stop Daddy.”  My husband laughed and of course did it again on the next page at which point my son looked at him and said, “Daddy, you are ruining the story.  Please stop adding the silly sentences.”

He is sooooooooooooo like me…  🙂

PS – Speaking of great books, my girlfriend and I bought tickets yesterday to go see Twilight at midnight on Thursday!!


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