Twilight review

The midnight showing was…wonderful.  When we got there it was packed full of screaming teenage girls…which was kind of fun actually.  I think we were the only crazy Moms who went to see it at our local theatre.  They had two theatres set up for the showing, so we got great seats.  First off – they showed a preview of the new Harry Potter movie and it looked amazing…so that was a great start!

Then the movie started.  Bella is cast brilliantly – she looks just like I imagined her in the book and she acts the part really well.  Charlie is I think the best cast role in the whole movie – he is fantastic!  I look forward to seeing him develop in the future movies.  When my beloved Edward entered the scene the entire theatre cheered, and he was just perfect.  The surrounding cast were good and fun to watch.  It was really fun to watch all the scenes in the book come to life. 

They left out some really fun scenes, like all three boys asking Bella to the dance, and the dance in general.  I think if you had not read the book then the movie might not make a lot of sense.  Which I think explains all the so-so reviews.  If you have read the book I don’t see how you couldn’t like it – it is a very good adaptation.

Basically watching Edward and Bella fall in love on screen is unbelievably sweet and romantic.  Their kiss is really hot and awesome and I wanted to rewind it and watch it over and over.  If you like Twilight, just go see it… 🙂


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