David Lee Roth

Here is a story from my youth that I was thinking about last night as the name David Lee Roth came up in conversation…don’t you talk about him all the time too?

When I was in elementary school – not sure what grade but probably grade 5 or 6, I can clearly remember lining up at the door of the classroom, getting ready to go outside for recess.  I was standing with 3 other girls, who started talking about Van Halen.  I immediately thought aha!  Here is my chance to display my superior knowledge thanks to my older brother.  I said, “I have their record.  I love the singer the best, he is so cute.”  At which point my friends, all three, said “you mean the guitarist.”  Being incredibly stubborn I said, “No the singer.”  They looked at me doubtfully and said, “but the guitarist is the cute one.”  I shook my head and said, “No way, the singer is way cuter.”

After school I rushed home and pulled out my brother’s record and  checked out the picture.  Oops!  The guitarist was the cute one, the lead singer was okay, but not nearly as cute as the guitarist.  At that point I had two choices, I could go and admit to my friends I got it wrong and that I did like the guitarist, or  I could become the hugest David Lee Roth fan ever.

I became the hugest David Lee Roth fan ever.  Still am actually.  I plastered my bedroom with pictures of him and was staunchly Team David when the band broke up.  I saw his solo concerts each tour and bought all his records.  I even still google him every now and then to see what he is up to.

This story is a great summary of my personality – I am incredibly stubborn and incredibly loyal 🙂


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