Why do I live in a climate that freezes for months on end each winter? I know there are lots of good things that come with a snowy winter, like skiing, snow boarding, skating, hockey, sledding and snowmen…but really is it necessary to get this cold?  It is December 8 and my toes are numb.  My fingers are frozen.  My shoulders ache from being so tensed up against the cold.  On my 6am dog walk this morning, I wore extra warm pants and it felt like tiny slivers of glass were pricking into my backs of my legs – but it wasn’t the pants, it was the icy wind poking through them. I think I will need to succumb to snow pants. I don’t even know where to get adult snow pants.  I love where I live and I even enjoy winter, I just with it would hover around -10 C instead of -30 C.  That’s all I wish…


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