The Party Gods are not smiling on me

In a fit of “I love people” earlier this Fall I talked my husband into throwing a Holiday Party this year.  I have always wanted to throw one, but it has never happened.  We tried a few years ago and both got so sick that we had to cancel it.  I should have taken the hint, Party Gods.

The party is tonight and I just haven’t felt like doing much, you know?  I did a ton of baking the other day so desserts are taken care of and I hit Costco last night.   I really wanted a specific type of cheese that they sell, I have never known them to not have it – but of course last night, it was not there.  😦  I picked up some other cheese but was feeling sad.

My guest list has been weird too.  I have had a lot of last minute cancellations as well as additions and it has been hard to keep track of who is coming.  I still am not sure how many people are coming, but have tried to plan for more rather than less…here’s hoping I have enough everything.

The Party Gods obviously hate me, as this morning my cleaner canceled.  Of course this is after I spent a day baking and getting flour and sugar in every crevice in my kitchen, letting the dog run around my floors with dirt and snow on his paws, all thinking someone was coming to clean before the party.  I guess we all know how I am spending my day.  The last straw for me was as I was putting some coke in the fridge to chill, I dropped a bottle of beer and it got glass and beer everywhere.  Big Sigh!

Oh well, I know I will enjoy the party tonight, as I always do, but wow is this ever the last Holiday Party I am ever throwing.


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