My last 24 hours

My husband is working like crazy these days, all day and night.  Yesterday I made him take a break so we could drive to my cousin’s cottage to celebrate Chanukah early with my extended family. Everyone will be away over Chanukah so we decided to party a bit early this year.  The kids were up and ready at 7am for this event, it is very popular with them.  We had driven to the cottage before and I remembered it being about 1.5 hours away.  I cajoled my husband into grudgingly coming with us…we got in the car and plugged in the gps and oops!  It was actually 2.5 hours away.  So we were already 1 hour late.  After a very long tense drive, we arrived late to the party.  We had a lovely stay and then after 2 short hours had to get back in the car.  At this point it was snowing heavily and there was a lot of traffic out.  Throw in freezing rain for the last half of the drive and it took 3.5 hours to get home.  Once home, we had a quick dinner, I walked the dog, put the kids to bed, cleaned the kitchen, went grocery shopping and shoveled the driveway and walk.  At 10pm I sat down.  The dog woke me up at 3am, sick and needing to go out.  Sigh.  My husband needed to leave at 5:30am today, so I was up again at 5am, then I had to get myself up at 6am.  With the lovely bus strike it took forever to get to work, and then there was no available parking when I got here.  I found a meter right near my office so I parked there at 8:55am.  Of course the parking guy showed up just as I stuck the last bit of change into the meter to tell me I wasn’t allowed to park there until 9am.  I almost burst into tears.  I got in the car and he watched me as I moved it…I drove around the block and thankfully my spot was still free so I pulled up again and waited the remaining 3 minutes until I was allowed to park there.  Now I am going down every 1 hour and 55 minutes to add money to the meter.  Sigh.  I just had a yummy egg and bacon sandwich with a chocolate milk.  Life is a bit better…


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