Wow.  I just had THE BEST customer service from  I was trying to order a few gifts online and it kept coming back saying it wouldn’t arrive by Dec 25.  I checked the shipping cut-off dates and I was within the specified time.  I checked to make sure the items were in stock.  I even tried changing from free shipping to paying for the shipping.  It still said they wouldn’t arrive in time.

I was getting frustrated so I decided to call customer service.  This usually entails a twenty minute hold at least and then some annoying person who doesn’t really help you at all. does it right.  You enter your number on this little pop-up window and your phone immediately rings.  You answer it, select the language you would like and someone immediately answers.  Can I say “wow” again?  I was beyond impressed.  She even answered my question right away (the problem was that one of the things I was ordering was in stock, but said it didn’t ship for 2-3 weeks).    So I removed it from my order and all is shipping in the next couple of days.

It is not often at this time of year that one has something good to say about customer service, so I thought I should give a little shout out for doing it right!  Everyone, click over and put your orders in!

Post-script – I can’t believe that one day later the shipment arrived at my house! Yea for!


One thought on “Amazing

  1. THAT is a good story although I am currently disappointed with them because I ordered a special book for M for xmas and i ordered it in NOvember and now i keep getting notices saying on back order over and over and now not coming until end of January!

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