Holiday cards…2009?

I am so excited!  I think this will definitely confirm that I am a total shopping nerd, but I am sharing anyhow. I walked down to Chapters today to get one last gift for someone, and was perusing the store while I was in there.  They had this table of 50% off items, and on the table were these very lovely holiday cards.  They didn’t mention Christmas (which is always a plus for me, being Jewish!) and had sparkles (my favourite thing).  I checked to see how much they cost and they were listed at 20 cards for $7.99.  So I bought two different boxes and got 40 cards for $8.  Wow!  Of course, I need to save them until next year and hopefully next December I will remember that I bought these cards and where I put them.  I love this kind of find!  I had the hardest time finding cards  this year that were nice, didn’t say Christmas and didn’t cost a fortune.  I ended up getting them at Costco, but overall the ones I bought today are much nicer.  They even have really pretty envelopes.  This purchase made my whole day!  Here is a link to the website for the cards.


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