Hockey Mom

I had soooooooooo much fun this weekend!  My son is in his third year of hockey.  The first two years were in Initiation, which is basically about learning how to skate and basic hockey skills.  They played about 8 games over the year and it was fun to watch, but I never got hugely into it.  My son was happy so I was happy, but I brought a book just in case…

This year he is in his first year of Novice, and it is really quite different.  His games this year have been really fun and exciting.  I was still bringing a book, but not using it a lot.

This weekend he had his first Novice tournament.  What a difference!  It was so fun and exciting!  He won his first game Friday morning 3-2 – the other team scored their two goals in the second half of the third period. We were all cheering like crazy, it was amazing! Our second game Friday night, we won 5-0.  It was really fun to be on the winning side of that one.  We cheered and cheered until we all went kind of hoarse.

Our next day only held one game at 7pm.  We tied it 1-1, and it was a hard fought game.  The two teams were evenly matched but our boys stepped up and held onto the tie.  This tie won us the division.

Sunday was play-off day – 8:15am we won the quarter final game 5-0.  At noon we beat another team in our league for the semi-final 5-3.  It was another hard fought win and we cheered again with everything we had.  Going into the finals at 3:15pm, we had heard we were pretty much going to get creamed.  We all kept our spirits high, but yes the other team was better and faster than we were and they won 5-0.  But we still cheered like crazy for our hockey heroes.  No one expected them to come out second place over all.  A mother from the other team said “Wow you guys are loud” as we walked past after the game.

We had so much fun, I even left my book at home for the last two days :-).  I guess I am officially a Hockey Mom now, waiting for the next game on January 2 with baited breath.


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