Holiday Shopping

I have to giggle.  My husband and I have pretty much agreed that I do all the shopping.  I buy the gifts for the kids, both our families and pretty much everyone, but for myself.  He buys the gifts for me.  This year I was done a few weeks ago and it had been quite an easy ride.  I should have known better.

Last week I got two cheques from family members asking me to buy the kids gifts, as well as finding out on Saturday that one set of gifts I shipped never arrived.  Sigh.  I had to go shopping again.

I was feeling quite demoralized about having to fight through all this traffic, so my husband, who of course hadn’t done any shopping yet, offered to get some of the things while he was out getting my gifts.  I was very hesitant to take him up on this offer.  Let me tell you why.

When I get a cheque from someone, I take the amount given and I find the BEST POSSIBLE deal.  I love stretching a dollar.  Yes it can take more time, but I think it is worth it.  So if I know I have $50/kid I shop around and come up with the best ideas I can for that amount.  I squeeze the last dollar out.  I spend exactly $49.99 and not a penny more if I can help it.

My husband’s philosophy is that the cheque amount is really more of a guideline and it is for our kids so why not just get whatever we want no matter how much it costs.  In the past this means he has spent $150.00 for a $50.00 gift.

So when he offered to help out, I initially said, “no, it’s okay.”  But he really insisted, which was very sweet.  I decided to take him up on it for two of the things that were out of the way and harder to get.  I gave him very specific instructions.  I sent him to get a movie and a Klutz book, knowing roughly what they cost and where to get them.  He called me triumphantly to say, “I got the dvd!”  I was happy, as I had been having a hard time finding it.  He then mentioned that even better he had found it in Blu-ray format and it only cost $37.00.  I had to laugh as I had not bought it for $25.99 as I thought that was too expensive for a movie.  I decided to just let it go this time, and say thank you for helping me out.  But really, this is why I do all the shopping.
Happy Holidays everyone!  I probably won’t be on again until after the break…wishing you all health and happiness during this celebratory time.

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