Seat Warmers

*The new car has seat warmers*.  I really believe that a woman invented seat warmers.  Not just any woman, but a woman living in a very cold, snow-filled town.  There is nothing better than getting into your car in -30 weather, when it is so cold the inside of the windshield needs to have the ice scraped off…and you turn your car on to warm it up but there is still only freezing cold air blasting out of the vents…then you turn your seat warmer on and it kicks in immediately and even though the rest of you and the car is frozen into an ice cube you feel this amazing warmth enveloping you…true love.  I am not sure if people in warm climates ever purchase or use seat warmers, but us in the great white cold North have a deep abiding love for them.  My daughter who still sits in the back seat is deeply offended that we adults get them and she and her brother do not.  I guess the next car will have to have back seat warmers as well.  I have become so addicted that I had to go out and buy a seat warmer for my car, which I drive to work every day.  I use it religiously.  It was $12.99 of sheer Heaven.  I have to go now, as I think I will take a drive around the block, and enjoy my new purchase 🙂


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