How I Met Your Mother

I bought my husband some Best Buy gift certificates for presents this holiday season and while I was there I was looking for something to wrap them up with.  I saw they had season 1 and 2 of How I Met Your Mother on sale.  I had read about it alot on Watch With Kristin and Ausiello, and they both seemed to really enjoy it, and frankly I have always been a closet Doogie Howser fan so I figured I would get them.  When my husband opened them he looked at me kind of funny because I know he hates buying tv shows on dvd…he thinks it is a total waste of money.  But I told him they were cheap and supposedly really good so just go with it.

As soon as we started watching the first episode, we knew we would like this show.  Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant as Barney, and definitely makes the show.  He pulls off lines like Suit Up! and Have you met Ted?  like no one else could.  I love him.   When he did karaoke to “Dirty Deeds” we were shocked at how good he sounded.  Is there nothing he can’t do?

The rest of the cast is also amazing…I love every single character, which is rare as usually you find yourself wishing at least one character would just go away.  Not these guys though, I love them all.   Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin all shine on screen and make me want to find out what will happen to them next.  I am actually at the point where I don’t even care who Ted ends up with, I am enjoying the journey so much.

We are mostly done the first season now and I am just hoping the second season will be as good, and not let us down.  I think they are on season 4 right now, and I am sincerely hoping that it keeps getting renewed.  Where else am I going to learn how to be hip and know what Steak Sauce means?


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