Delurking Day

I was just reading another blog that I like (MetroDad), and on his page he says that it is Delurking day.  My first thought was What the heck is delurking?  Thankfully his site explained that it is the day when whatever blog you read you are supposed to put a comment so that the blogger knows where you are from and that you are reading.  I love the idea!  Of course I lurk on all sorts of sites and never leave comments, well I guess I occasionally comment if I feel strongly about something.  So in honour of Delurking Day I will leave comments on the blogs I read today.  Hopefully you will too.

In other thoughts, the weekend was great.  I didn’t end up seeing Bride Wars but hopefully will reschedule to see it soon.  I did have a very wonderful dinner with a good friend on Friday night, even though it was just so cold my feet never defrosted for the entire dinner.  Saturday I baked a lasagne, played some yahtzee with the kids, ran a ton of errands.  Saturday night my husband and I watched Dark Knight on blu-ray disc to try out the fancy new home theatre sound system.  He was very impressed, I was a little disturbed at the way my body vibrated each time the bass kicked in.

I kicked Sunday off with a run, followed by a nice breakfast out.  We played a family game of Cat-in-the-Hat-opoly (Monopoly) which was quite fun!  Last night we finished off season 1 of How I Met Your Mother, which I am still loving.  Now another week begins…


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