Puppy books

When we started thinking about getting a puppy, everyone said we should read “Before You Get Your Puppy” by Dr. Ian Dunbar.  I did some searching and found a copy of it free for download on a website and printed it off so my husband and I could read it.  It pretty much saved our lives with our puppy.  Yes he is a bit dramatic in his writing style, and very black and white about how you should raise your puppy.  But his information and advice all makes sense and is very helpful.  We did mostly everything he suggested and our puppy was really easy to handle the first few months we had him.  He never destroyed anything of value and didn’t pee all over the house.  I think the guy is a dog genius!  He also has a book called “After You Get Your Puppy” which is also a very good read.   Right now both books are available for free download at DogStar Daily.  Enjoy!


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