Wee Wii

Wee Wii – that is what my nine year old daughter is calling the latest addition to our home.   The Wii came from their grandparents, and was a late Chanukah gift.  We set it up right away, and the kids were able to get playing.  I was pretty skeptical about this gift as I feel like they already have a lot of electronics in their life and this will end up being one more thing to fight over.  However after playing with it for a few hours my 7 year old had worked up quite the sweat!  I started to think that whoever thought this up was a genius.  Essentially they are still playing video games, but happily they are moving while they do it and even working up a sweat sometimes.  We just have Wii Sports right now, and are looking to get Wii Mario Kart as well.  Mario Kart is a favourite game of theirs on the Nintendo DS so I am hoping it will be equally fun on the Wii.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I have a feeling tonight we will be giving it a whirl.


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