Six Word Memoir

The last selection of our book club was  “Not Quite What I Was Planning-Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure” published by Smith Magazine.  It was a pretty neat read.  Some of the memoirs were really funny, some were uplifting, some were sad, some were complicated.  There were memoirs in there from well-known people, like Steve Carrell and Nora Ephron and also many by regular people.

The book inspired us as a book club to write our own six word memoir.  I found this at first to be a bit daunting.  Then mine just popped into my head, while I was reading the book.  “Strive to be better at everything.”  I really am always trying to do my very best and put out the most effort I can to improve in all areas.  I often hear myself wishing I could do something better, or be a better X.  Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes it is a disaster, but really that is who I am right now.  I recognize that my six word memoir is who I am right now.  Not necessarily who I will be in 6 minutes, or 6 weeks, or 6 years.

The other thing that has come out of reading this book is after I say anything, I mentally  count to see if it is 6 words.  I have had many fun runner-ups to my six word memoir such as:

Mom is always cooking for someone.

I am reading leave me alone.

Must catch up on tv tonight.

Worry worry worry worry worry worry.

I could go on for days…


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