I know I shouldn’t be surprised

Yesterday was a weird day of extremes for me.  On the one hand, you have the historical occasion of Barack Obama becoming President of the United States.  This event was remarkable and wonderful and hopefully ushers in a new era of tolerance and peace for our world.

On the other hand, I was at an NHL game last night.  It was a really fun game and the home team actually won.  I had the fortune to be sitting in a 100 level box, so was nice and close to the ice.

A few rows up from the ice, two men were partaking heavily in alcoholic beverages, and definitely consumed one too many.  They started off quite amusing, yelling insults at the opposing team whenever they were right in front of them.  And then one of them used the F word.  Not the swear word, but the even way worse F word that I can’t even bring myself to write here.  If you still aren’t sure which F word, I will say that it was the same F word that Isaiah Washington used before he left Grey’s Anatomy.

With that one word, those two guys went from a little boozy to completely-discrimatory-all-around-yucky-human beings.  I am honestly surprised that anyone still uses that word in this century.  It is completely unacceptable by all standards and hearing it screamed out at someone in front of 20,000 other people completely shocked and disgusted me.  I am glad my kids weren’t with me to hear it.

So there you have it, on one hand, a joyful historical sign that better days are ahead, and in the very same 24 hours, a dark ugly word that shows prejudice is still alive and well.


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