Don’t ever mess with a woman ;-)

Don’t ever mess with a woman, even if she’s nine years old.  Here is a conversation between my daughter and I:

I arrive at dance class with her brother and I holding Starbucks cups (hers is in the car), and she walks up to me and starts to sulk and says “I can’t believe you both got Starbucks and I didn’t!” in that tone of voice that only seems possible from a  nine-year-old girl.  I look at her and say, “Have I ever gone to Starbucks and not gotten you anything?”  (meaning Have I ever gotten your brother a Starbucks and not gotten you one?)  She looks at me with defiance in her eye and says, “Yes.”  I shake my head and give her the hot chocolate I got for her when we get to the car, thinking it is over.

With a woman (even a pre-teen woman) it is NEVER over.  Every conversation is stored away for later use.  Two days later, I am bringing her to dance.  It is a Monday night class, I always hang out and read in the Starbucks next door while she dances.

My daughter looks at me all innocently and asks, “Will you be going to Starbucks today while I dance, Mom?”  I answer, “Yes,  is there anything you need me to do?”  She says, “Will you be bringing me a hot chocolate?”  I respond automatically, “No, it is late and you go to bed right when we get home.”  She looks at me all smug and victorious, “Well then Mom, you see, you DO go to Starbucks and not bring me a drink!”  I honestly just had to laugh.  Have I mentioned she is me???


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