Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is killing it this year!  The first two seasons of Grey’s were fantastic…every episode was just amazing.  And then the third and fourth season happened.  Not so fantastic.  But good enough to keep watching.  So this year, I was thinking that maybe I would watch a few episodes and then if it kept not being fantastic I would just move on to other shows…

This year the show has been steadily improving each episode. I feel like the last three episodes absolutely blew my mind.  Eric Stolz’s story arc was truly outstanding and he deserves an Emmy for that portrayal.  I have never liked Meredith Grey but these last three episodes I thought she was really fantastic.  Cristina always blows me away, and this season is no exception.  I love the new doctor, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).  Bailey is, as always, stealing all the scenes.  That woman can act.

The episode that aired on January 22 had me crying for the last 15 minutes.  Jackson almost dying, Izzie finding out she was dying, Meredith crying after the execution, Derek going to get Cristina to comfort Meredith…seriously good drama.  All I can say is that I hope hope hope this season continues at this level…I am really enjoying it, even though I am going through a lot of kleenex.


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