The Brownie Incident

My 7 year old son really does make me laugh at least once a day.  I just love his view of the world.  I asked both kids yesterday if they were allowed to bring a brownie to school for lunch.  When they were younger they were only allowed healthy items and I wasn’t sure if that restriction was lifted yet.  I had a home made batch of brownies so I thought I would give them a treat for lunch.

My son said that yes he could have a brownie for lunch, why was I asking?

I said, “Because I want to put one in your lunch bag tomorrow.”

He asked, “Can you put it in a plastic bag please?”

I said, kind of puzzled, “Yes, I guess so.  Why do you want it in a plastic bag?”

He answered very seriously, “Because otherwise Mommy it will make a big mess in my lunch bag.”

I laughed…


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