You know I have been thinking about Facebook and what it adds to my life.  In some ways, it is terrific.  I have found a bunch of lost friends, I know what everyone from high school is doing with their life now, I actually email daily with a couple of people that I was never even that close to when I knew them the first time.  I even keep in touch with some family members that I only used to hear from once or twice a year.

On the con side, because I read people’s status updates, I don’t talk to them as much.  I have lost the urge to go to a high school reunion to see people and catch up as I am already caught up.  It also is a big time waster – one can spend hours reading other people’s pages and looking at their pictures.  I try not to do that too much.

So Facebook, good or bad?


2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. BOTH
    I fought the FB craze for awhile but joined to reconnect with some family and photos. …But there is a part of me that thinks it’s a waste of time and another part of me that things it’s just silly fun and we need silly fun in our lives:)

  2. Just think, if it wasn’t for FB I wouldn’t be here!!!! HA!!
    OK definitely focus on the positive because it for sure out weighs the negative.

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