I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie…I had heard of Harvey Milk but didn’t know much about his life.  I went in with pretty low expectations and ended up being pleasantly surprised.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I LOVED this movie, but I enjoyed it.  It was interesting, and quick enough paced that I wasn’t checking my watch every few minutes.

The cast was wonderful, led by Sean Penn.  Sean Penn constantly surprises me.  I always expect him to play the same type of role and he is such a chameleon!  He really changed his physical appearance and demeanor for this movie, to the point where I didn’t feel I was watching Sean Penn play Harvey Milk…which is pretty cool.

The supporting cast was great too, with Josh Brolin being all creepy and slimy, James Franco was just cool and sweet, Emile Hirsch was unrecognizable, yet wonderful.  I could go on…

Overall, this is a movie one should see as it is a very good portrayal of a wonderful man’s life.  I was constantly shocked at the kind of discrimination that was running rampant just a few years ago.

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