Chivalry is not dead

I love chivalry.  Any man that opens a door for me or lets me walk in front of him receives a huge smile and thank you.  I am raising my son to be that kind of man.   I married a man who, the very first time I met him, held a door for me and my friends.  (he had lots of other good qualities too :-)).

Last night when I arrived at the bus station at 10:30pm, there were no taxis in sight.  I was concerned about the late hour, so I called the taxi company to request taxis for myself and the two people standing in front of me.  The first taxi arrived and the first woman in line go into it.  The second taxi arrived and the man in front of me insisted that I take it.  It was a bit of a wait in between taxis and we had no idea how much longer it would take for the next one to arrive.  I was so relieved to get into the taxi and not have to wait outside, alone, in the dark and cold.  I was so thrilled that this lovely man allowed me to go first.  Thank goodness for all the women raising their sons up right out there!  And a special thank you to the chivalrous man from the bus station last night.


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