The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

So for me, the only thing curious about Benjamin Button was how the heck it garnered so many Oscar nominations?   I am wondering if the nominating committee actually sat through the whole movie.  It was interminable.  I should also say I am not a Brad Pitt fan.  There is nothing wrong with him, but he is kind of blah to me.  And as my Mom said about 300 times during the movie, “It doesn’t seem that he can act that well.”  He was definitely not stellar in this movie.  His voice was possibly the most annoying thing about the movie.  Frankly everyone’s voice was annoying in the movie.  The editing was horrendous, as was the directing.  There was no excuse for the movie to go on that long.  I love Cate Blanchett.  She is absolutely one of my favourite actresses.  I adore her.  I couldn’t stand her in this movie.  I hated her character.  There were no real bright spots in this movie…maybe the hummingbird?  Basically it wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it certainly was not worthy of Oscar nominations.  If you watched it and loved it, please comment and tell me why?


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