Rachel Getting Married

I watched this movie knowing nothing about it other than Anne Hathaway was in it and was nominated for an Oscar for her role.  I thought it was going to be a happy movie about someone getting married.  I love weddings so I figured I would love it.  Well I did love the movie, but it certainly wasn’t what I expected.  Anne Hathaway was really wonderful in this role.  She was gritty and tough yet delicate and vulnerable.  I realized when the movie ended that it was directed by Jonathan Demme, who directed Philadelphia which I also loved.  The story was good, and sad and real.  I couldn’t really relate to any of the characters but it didn’t matter because I was rooting for almost all of them.  I don’t think Anne will win the Oscar for this role, but I am glad she was nominated for it as she is truly wonderful.


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