The Reader

Let me start off by saying, I read this book when it came out and don’t remember really loving it.  I remember it being a slow read, and not really loving any of the characters.  What struck me most about this movie was how incredibly likeable Kate Winslet made her character.  I found myself rooting for her, regardless of her past sins.  She was truly outstanding in this role and I will be shocked if she doesn’t win the Oscar for it.  Ralph Fiennes should have been nominated as well, at least for supporting actor, as his minimal screen time is truly brilliant.  Lena Olin also shines in a brief cameo.  Her voice alone is so wonderful, she can do no wrong.  The young Michael, David Kross, is really good as well, he definitely stood his ground with Kate Winslet, which is no easy task.  I liked the movie more than I remember liking the book, and so far it was my favourite of this year’s batch of nominees.  I doubt it will win Best Picture, but I think it should.


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