I was dreading seeing this movie.  I just thought it would be  boring.  I am not a very politically-minded person and if I am really honest with you, I can say that I am not sure what even happened at Watergate.  I actually promised myself I would try to read up on that today.  So I was not looking forward to a two hour movie about Nixon and Watergate.

I was quite surprised.  The movie was interesting, mostly fast paced, and I quite enjoyed it.  It wasn’t my favourite of the five Best Picture nominees, but I can understand why it was nominated.  The acting was superb, and I wasn’t surprised that Frank Langella was also nominated for his portrayal of Nixon.  I liked how the movie really humanized Nixon and gave you some insight into the man.  I also liked how no matter how much some of the characters hated him, when they met the man himself they were still awed by him.  It was cool.

So overall, my favourite of the five Best Picture nominations was The Reader, but I enjoyed all of the movies except for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which soooo didn’t deserve to be in this category.


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