A Very Long Run

I am training again for my half marathon at the end of May.  Some days running is just easy.  Some days it takes everything I have to walk two steps.  On Saturday I had to run 4 miles (6.4km).  This is a piece of cake run for me usually.  I don’t have to really think about food (before, during or after) or even bring a water bottle.  I basically just have to put my shoes on and go.

This Saturday it pretty much felt like I would be running a full marathon.  I COULD NOT get my head into this run.  I thought I would die before I completed it.  I procrastinated until mid-afternoon and then literally dragged myself downstairs to the treadmill.  I fired up an episode of Angel which usually is all the inspiration I need.  I then hauled myself up onto the treadmill and ran.  By ran, I mean I did the physical motion while my mind screamed at me and kept telling me to stop.  I felt like the run would NEVER EVER end.

When I finally finished the run, I felt like I had completed a half marathon and needed to go store up some energy and recover.  Seriously, I ran 6.5 km.  This was not normal behaviour.  I think sometimes my mental run is WAY harder than the physical run 🙂

I was happy to have done it though…tonight I have to run 3.2 km (2 miles)…wonder how it will go?


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