This word arose out of a google chat conversation my friend and I were having.  It was supposed to be sigh, but she made a typo.  We liked it so much we just kept it and use it often to mean sigh/ugh etc…we pronounce it sooooogh.  I looked it up for fun a few days ago and it is actually a word!  It is halfway between a sigh and ugh.  Pretty funny.

Anyhow today is a sugh day.  I am just really tired, and not motivated.  I have a lot to do, including a run tonight (that I was scheduled to do last night but just didn’t have it in me). So I feel like I am kind of flopping through my day, not getting nearly enough done, and generally deflating a little more as each second passes.

Anyhooooo, not much to say today other than, sugh.


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