My dancer

This past weekend, I had an amazing view into the world my daughter moves in and perhaps a window into the teenager she will become.

She has been dancing at the same dance studio since she was three years old, and we have always seen the older dancers waiting between classes.  These girls walk around like they belong in the studio, with a grace and comfort that the younger girls watch enviously.

Saturday I received an email after my daughter left for her 4.5 hours of dance classes that she required a certain part of a costume for her last class.  I knew she had a break between two classes, so I grabbed the item and headed on over.

As I arrived, I walked in the door and caught the girls unaware.  There were the six of them, who had been dancing together since they were three, hanging out and munching on their snacks.  For a moment, I was overcome.  They were wearing their convertible tights pulled up so their bare feet were showing, wearing their lyrical dance paws, in their competitive team jackets.  They slouched over a bench, and draped against a wall…faces glowing, beautiful, graceful, sharing their secret world.  Words can’t describe how I felt when I realized that my nine year old had joined the ranks of the older girls.  I realized that the younger ones would now be looking at MY girl and hoping the be a part of that secret world one day.  I felt so blessed to have been granted a view into her life behind the dance studio door, where she spends so much time.


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