Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was added to my list of favourite tv fellas the first time I saw him in Alias.  Will was wonderful, loyal and yes, cute too.  I adored his character and have made a point of following his career since the show ended.  He was on Jack & Bobby, made us giggle in Wedding Crashers, starred in Kitchen Confidential – which I LOVED, but apparently was the only one who watched as it didn’t last long.  Suddenly he has a string of movies, Yes Man, He’s Just Not That Into You and All About Steve.

I am thrilled to see him doing so well!  I just saw HJNTIY this weekend and it was really fun.  Bradley Cooper went from very cute boy next door on Alias to leading man good looks in this movie.  There is one scene where Scarlett Johansson comments on his killer smile and really, she was right.  Suddenly he is all tanned and super built, with a killer smile and his stunning eyes seemed extra blue.  I really enjoyed him in this film and am already looking forward to the release of All About Steve…yea for Bradley Cooper!


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