Another Airedale Tale

Our dog, Gus, has become increasingly destructive in our backyard.  He is 15 months old now, and pretty well trained inside.  He gets a lot of exercise, at least one hour a day, and usually at least 2 hours on weekends.

Last summer, he dug a few holes in our backyard and munched a few things in our garden.  But overall, for our first summer with a puppy, the damage was way less than we expected.

Alas it is only mid-March and he is already more than making up for lost time.  He was outside for I think 7 seconds last night and dug a hole that almost goes to China.  Last week, left unattended for a bit, he stripped off all the bark from one side of a tree.  We don’t think the tree will make it.  Over the last couple of months he has single handedly trimmed back all of our garden plants, some seem to have disappeared completely.

We are now trying out some different things to curb the destructiveness.  We are only allowing him to be out in the backyard when supervised.  We are giving him more chew toys to play with outside.  We are looking for something to protect our tree trunks (let me know if you know of anything good!).  We are also planning to put a little fence around our garden this summer so that we can hopefully rebuild a bit.  I hope all this works…


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