March Break

This week is March Break for my children and wow are they having a great time.  For the first time that I can remember the weather has been INCREDIBLE all week.  It has been sunny and really warm each day – up to 14 degrees celsius yesterday.  That is just unheard of for March weather around here.

Because of this fabulous weather my kids are having what I think of as a throw back vacation.  Every day they are getting up early and taking the dog for a really long walk on a nature trail near our house.  Then they are spending the rest of the day riding their bikes, going to the park, and playing with all the other kids on our street.

Those are the activities I remember doing as a child, and it seems like no one does them anymore as there just isn’t time in our crazy scheduled life.  How nice for the kids to experience this for a whole week.  They are loving every minute of it!!  Yea for nice weather on March Break!


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