We had a disappointing weekend at the movies.  Saturday, we went to see Duplicity with another couple.  This is the new movie with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.  I love both of them and the premise looked great…so it was pretty disappointing when it turned out to be quite boring and not great.  It was okay, it has some pretty good plot twists, but overall it is definitely a renter.  And Clive Owen has gotten disturbingly skinny.  There is one scene where he is almost emaciated…wonder what is up with that?

Last night we went to see The Watchmen.  I didn’t have high hopes for this one but my husband really wanted to see it and I made him sit through Duplicity the day before so I pretty much had to go.  It was sooooooooooo long.  It is kind of ridiculous how long it is.  It is just under 3 hours long.  I know this because I was looking at my watch about every 10 seconds for the entire movie.  Nothing really happens for the whole movie and I am not completely sure why they even felt they had to tell this story.   It is long, complicated and have I mentioned BORING???  The even weirder thing is I have no idea what audience they were trying to target.  It is rated 18 years and older, so teenaged boys can’t see it and they are who I would think would want to see it.  Any way, I wouldn’t even rent this one…


One thought on “Movies

  1. yeah our people weren’t impressed with watchman either. i didn’t really read your duplicity comments ’cause I think I am going to see that movie-i see all Julia movies but maybe with my hectic schedule that is not letting up and the fact that apparently it is not that good, it will be on video sooner:)

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