Running Injury

I went for a great 7 mile (11.2 km) run on Saturday. It was sunny, I was happy, the run felt great. I pushed a bit for the last mile or so, trying to better my time. I felt like I had enough energy left as it was a nice easy run to give it a good sprint at the end. I was so happy with my time and how great I felt after the run was done. I came home, took a shower and my husband and I took the dog for an hour long walk. Well at the end of the walk the outside of my left foot started to seriously hurt. By the afternoon I was limping. When I am not putting any pressure on it, the foot feels fine, normal. As soon as I stand on it there is a bit of pain. But when I walk on it or put all my weight on the foot, it hurts quite a lot, to the point where I need to stop walking. It has improved a bit since Saturday, but is still not better. I am not sure if it is a better idea to try to run a short easy run today to try to stretch it out or if I should stay off it for a few more days until I feel better. I googled running foot injuries and couldn’t find any injuries that sounded like mine – so if anyone out there has any suggestions or info, please let me know.


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