New Kids On The Block Tour

I went to see NKOTB last night with my friend…wow…did we have fun!!! It was one of the best concerts I have seen.  They were just so entertaining.  They played for over two hours and were on fire right from the start.  They played all my favourite songs, new and old.  I was so happy that Joey sang Please Don’t Go Girl and he still sounded wonderful.  He also sang Single, and rocked it in a gold lame shirt.  Not many men could pull that off.  He did this amazing dance with a female dancer during Twisted.  It was hot!!

NKOTB Reunion

NKOTB Reunion

Donnie didn’t disappoint, with awesome renditions of Hanging Tough and Games, and lots of fun crowd interaction.  My personal favourite was when he said they were going to make Ottawa HOT-tawa.  I giggled quite a bit over that one.

Jordan came out at the beginning of his solo song in this billowy white shirt with a massive fan on him, and then in one swift movement popped it open so it flew behind him – it was possibly the cheesiest moment EVER.  Of course, the crowd all screamed and giggled like crazy.

Joey McIntyre

Joey McIntyre

Another great moment at the beginning of the show was when Joey was up on a riser at the side of the stage and it was really dark, so he yelled out in the middle of the song, “Can I get a spotlight over here” and when no spotlight came, “$20 for a spotlight over here”, and then finally it came and he was so happy.  It was very fun.  All the chatting with the crowd was really fun and I enjoyed hearing their Boston accents so much.  It really was such a fun night.  I am already plotting when I can see them next.

A big shout out to the Jabbawockees who opened for them…they were phenomenal – I just love to watch them dance.  Of course their highlight was the dance they did to the NKOTB song 🙂




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