Dance Competition

My daughter had a dance competition this weekend and it was so much fun. This is her fourth year competing and I love it more every year. The whole dance team just matures so much in a year. I find myself teary eyed watching her dance on stage. One of her numbers, which is a lyrical dance called Never Alone, had all of us moms crying while we watched. Afterwards, the judges awarded it a special award for “Poetry in Motion” and said that it brought tears to their eyes. I am always amazed at how she has the energy to hang out for 12-15 hours in that environment and then still give a perfect, energetic performance at the end of the day. I never saw myself as a dance mom, but I have surely become one. Watching my daughter’s grace, beauty and poise onstage never fails to amaze me.

A great new thing I saw at this year’s competition was the Rac n Roll bag. A couple of the moms from our studio saw them last year and ordered them online.  This bag is amazing! It has its own rack for holding costumes (so you aren’t digging around in a bag trying to find things, or trying to find something to hang your garment bag on). It also has enough room and pockets for all your extra tights, hair pieces, make-up etc…It was designed by a dance mom. I just ordered one and am hoping it arrives in time for this weekend’s dance competition.


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