Funny story

My husband shared this great story about my children with me this morning.

As he was driving them to school they were arguing about who knows more. My husband told them to stop fighting and that very soon, they’ll both be smarter than Daddy. He added that when that happens, they’ll have to get good jobs and make lots of money so that they can take care of him. He said he will need to be taken care of because he would have to sell all of his stuff to pay for two PhDs and would then have to live in a cardboard box on the side of the road.

there was a pause…

and then our 7 year old son pipes up, “It’s OK Daddy…you’ll still be smart when we’re smarter than you.  We’ll take care of you and Mommy either way. You guys won’t have to live in a box.

What a cute kid!


One thought on “Funny story

  1. i can just see your ‘son’ thinking about that and answering very seriously! So cute! Maybe I can get a cardboard box close by!?

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