Wind gusts

I woke up bright and early yesterday morning to go for my 13km run.  It was sunny outside so I was very excited about getting out there and enjoying the day.  I wore a light hat and a couple of layers as I knew it would still be a bit chilly out there.  It was actually a beautiful morning, sunny, and probably close to zero degrees celcius.  Oh yeah, and then there were 39km/h wind gusts.  Freaking 39 km/h!!  The wind was actually blowing me backwards.  At one point it was blowing directly up my nose so I was having trouble breathing.  I struggled so hard to finish that run.

Several times I just stopped looked at the sky, shook my fist and yelled, “Seriously????”  As I round the corner on my last kilometre, I thought, okay I survived.  And then the wind gust came again and that last kilometre threatened to reduce me to tears.

Why do I do this again?


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