I can’t believe it!  I ran my 10km race yesterday and made it over the finish line in 59:35.  I had an amazing running partner who basically got me through it.  By kilometre 1 I was already sore and winded.  He just somehow made me keep moving.  I just kept telling myself I could do one more at this pace, and I seemed to be able to.  We even ran the second 5 km about 30 seconds faster than the first 5.  At one point we were running past a few people who had finished their race and one of them yelled to my running partner that he had better stay with me.  It was at that point that I realized how horrible I must look :-).  Fortunately I was too tired to even laugh at that point.  With 1/2 a kilometre left I saw that I was at 58:15 and I looked at my partner and said there is no way I am NOT doing this…and I found some inner strength and powered through…I still cannot believe I did it.  I am so proud of  myself!  And not too sore today either.  Yea!!


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