Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 37th birthday…woohoo!  I had a wonderful day: a pedicure, a nice lunch with a friend, a viewing of Twilight and Edward :-), dinner out with my wonderful family and cupcakes.  Today I am going for high tea with my girlfriends.  Life is good.  I have never understood why women feel the need to pretend they aren’t aging.  Society plays right into it as well.  Last night as I was being serenaded at the restaurant they pretended I was 22…I quickly corrected them.  I want my children to know I am proud to be 37 and getting older.  I am in great shape physically, much better shape than I was in my 20’s.  Hell I can run a 10k in less than an hour 😉 I am wiser, more relaxed, making much better decisions.  I am very happily married with two wonderful children.  I am so blessed in this life and I love watching everything change each year.  I wouldn’t give any of this up to go back to being in my 20’s.  My 30’s are wonderful, I wonder what my 40’s will bring?    So people, embrace aging and teach your children how much better it is to just be comfortable in yourself.


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