I know it has taken me a while, but I have just discovered Sephora.  I had heard of it, but because there weren’t any local stores, I had never actually been in one.  A friend from Montreal was visiting a couple of months ago and brought me to the new Ottawa store as she was looking for something they didn’t carry at the Montreal store.  We were only there briefly but I knew I had to go back soon.  She told me about the Beauty Insider card and newsletter, and if you sign up they send you a free birthday present.  So of course I signed up and this weekend I went to the Ottawa store to pick up my free lip gloss trio (yum!)  The store was sooo much fun.  I went with a couple of girlfriends and we spent over an hour just browsing and trying out funky products.  I ended up getting some wonderful Makeup Forever false eyelashes, a glimmery eyeshadow also from Makeup Forever, an eye shadow brush and my free lip glosses.  Of course I went back yesterday to look some more and got a sample of Hope In A Jar (Philosophy) and Fudge Cake shower gel (Philosophy).    I also got a gorgeous eyeliner from Sephora.  This place is amazing – you must check it out!!


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