My Puppy

We just found out our Airedale Terrier puppy has epilepsy…a week and a half ago he had two seizures in two days.  We didn’t realize they were seizures at the time, it almost seemed like he had gone mad or something.  He just suddenly started this horrible barking, it sounded pained, and hoarse, gutteral.  At the same time he went absolutely berserk, tearing around the house in circles, over and over.  There was no calming him or even touching him.  He finally calmed down and was completely disoriented and confused and lethargic. 

We brought him to the vet who explained that he had experienced two mild seizures.  We did a blood screen to rule out any other illnesses or causes for the seizures and then our vet advised us to wait and see what happened next. 

Well yesterday he had another seizure, this one worst than the other two, with him voiding his bowels on the floor and foaming at the mouth as well.  We called the vet again and he prescribed a medication for him that should make the seizures less frequent, and severe.  We just feel so sad for our puppy who was so scared and terrified while the seizures were happening.  Looking on the bright side, it could be worse so at least he can still lead a nice happy life most of the time.  We love our pup!  And of course, now we need to start researching canine epilepsy…so if anyone knows anything please pass it along.


2 thoughts on “My Puppy

  1. Where did you get the Airedale puppy? I’m curious if it was from a breeder or someone else. If it was a breeder, have you contacted them?

    I’m sorry go hear about the seizures. I hope you are right and the medication helps.

    • We got our puppy from a breeder, and I am going to contact them this week…but I still wouldn’t trade him for any other pup – he is such a sweet dog…I am hoping the medication helps 🙂

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