17 Again and Wolverine

17 Again

A girlfriend took me to see this movie yesterday as a post birthday treat.  We didn’t realize it was a Tuesday, and it was a matinee, so we got our tickets, popcorn and a drink for $9!!  Woohoo!  And what a fun movie.  Was it life changing?  No.  It was just great light hearted fluff…Matthew Perry and Zac Ephron were both super fun, and the supporting cast was great too.  It was a delightful film, but the subject matter was a bit old for young ones…so leave your kids at home.


I went to see Wolverine with my husband this weekend and we loved it!  It was just the way an action film is supposed to be.  It was super fast paced and short and good.  Hugh Jackman was amazing, and Wolverine remains my favourite XMen guy.  Gambit (my fave Big Tim) was just so amazing, I am hoping above all hopes that he gets his own film.  He is just so pretty and hot.  Have I mentioned I love Taylor Kitsch?  Ryan Reynolds was also great, as was Liev Schreiber.  The big question everyone had when they left the movie though, was what happened to Patrick Stewart’s face?


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