sTori Telling

I just finished reading Tori Spelling’s first book.  I was always a Tori fan – on 90210 Donna was always my favourite.  I used to try to emulate her hair styles – not very successfully.  I watched a few of her many TV movies, giggled at her cameo in Scream and loved her shows So NoTORIous and Tori and Dean – Inn Love. 

I really enjoyed her book – her writing style is very friendly and easy to read and it was so fun to hear her side of all the wild tabloid reports over the years.  I felt very sad about how she portrayed her childhood and also about her previous relationships with men.  It is so nice to see that she is finally happy, and a mom herself.  I hear her new book Mommyhood is equally fun so I guess that is next on my reading list 🙂


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