Half Marathon

So the big race is this Sunday.  I am doing my last training run this morning and am debating what to do.  I was going to run 18km this past weekend but was advised to cut it back to 12km instead.  Not being one to argue about running more EVER, I was happy to oblige.  Tuesday I ran 3.2km and today I am debating between 4 and 5km.  Then just resting up for the big race.  I am feeling really good about it, excited, ready.  I pick up my race kit tomorrow.  I am starting to get the pre-race butterflies, but being that it is my second half marathon at the very least I know I can complete it.  And that is really my goal.  Completing it in 2:20 would be even more exciting, but as long as I beat last year’s time of 2:32 I will be thrilled.  Wish me luck!


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