I ran my half-marathon last weekend and my goal time was 2 hours and 20 minutes and miraculously I came in at 2:20:50.  Woohoo!  Mad applause all around.  I felt pretty good going into the race, and was happy to have a sunny day.  I tried to keep to my pace right from the start, and did pretty well.  It ended up being quite a bit hotter than I had expected, but thankfully I was in shorts and a t-shirt so I didn’t roast.  I had also slathered myself in sunscreen with great foresight :-).  Last year I didn’t remember and came home quite pink.  My first 10 km were great and I was excited about staying on my goal time.  The thing I noticed about this year’s race was it was a lot more crowded.  I guess that was because I was running a bit faster so I was more in the middle of the pack.  That had advantages in that there was a lot to look at and lots of people to motivate me to keep going.  At the same time it meant a lot of weaving in and out of other runners and at some points having to slow down as I just couldn’t get past right away.    I was feeling pretty good until the last 2 kilometres when I just started to feel drained.  It was really hot, I don’t think I ate enough sport beans and I was just feeling beat up.  I knew I had to keep going, so I did, but at the same time I didn’t have that final burst of speed I like to give at the end.  So I made my goal time (just!) and shaved 12 minutes off my last half marathon  time, which was wonderful, but next time I want to do even better and come in at 2:15 – I know I can do it!

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