Hawthorne is a new series that premiered this week on TNT, starring Jada Pinkett Smith (as the title character, Christine Hawthorne) and Michael Vartan (Dr Wakefield).  Welcome back Michael (swoon)!  One of my fave tv actors since his fabulous stint as Vaughn on Alias, I am so happy to see him back on tv.  Hawthorne got really good buzz before it started, and I was quite excited to see the premiere.  I watched it last night (it aired on Tuesday) and it was reallly good!  Vartan’s role wasn’t huge in the premiere but hopefully he will be on more in future episodes.  He still looks yummy and his character is adorable…he even eats lollipops – what else do you need?  Jada’s character is super tough, but she was really good and I look forward to seeing her personality developed more.  Jada is the head nurse at the hospital, and Vartan is the head doctor…perhaps a romance is in their future?  I will have to keep watching to see…

Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan

Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan


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