Movie Round-up

Night at the Museum 2 – I brought the kids to see this today because it was cheap day at the theatre and we all giggled when we saw the first one.  This one was also fun, and the kids and I all laughed.  I can’t remember the first one well enough to say if it was funnier or even as funny, but this one stood well on its own.  Amy Adams was a welcome addition, as was Hank Azaria.  Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Robin Williams remain terrific!

The Proposal – I saw this with a girlfriend last night.  We had seen the preview a bunch of times and were dying for it to come out.  It did not disappoint.  It was very fun and had a great end, with some very comic and heart warming scenes.  My only complaint is how thin Sandra Bullock has gotten!  I was shocked at just how bony she is…Sandra, please start eating again.  She used to be so beautiful…Ryan Reynolds is still very hot and very fun.  Mary Steenburgen is aging beautifully and just looks fantastic


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