200th Post

Wow and here we are at my 200th post!  I would have hit this one a lot sooner if I hadn’t been such a lousy blogger for the last couple of months.  Well, in the tradition of my 100th post here are 10 more things you may not know about me:

1- I like doing dishes more than any other chore around the house.  It is very satisfying!  You invest a bit of time and you have clean dishes.  Unlike other tasks like dusting where it never seems to look like you did anything.  And funnily enough I HATE drying them.

2 – I hate white chocolate.  I just don’t understand it – so yucky!

3 – While I am at it, I also hate coconut.  I cannot think of a worst texture to put in my mouth.  Coconut macaroons are the absolute yuckiest dessert on earth.

4 – I really want to like sushi.  So much so, that my husband and I have gone out to eat it several times.  I really think I should like it!  I love fish and seafood.  Yet I cannot stomach it.  I do intend to keep trying though.  He doesn’t like it either.

5 – I am an obsessive planner.  I am planning all the time.  I have a spreadsheet for the summer, laying out where we will be and what we will be doing each day.  My husband sometimes asks me to just please turn my brain off for a bit.

6 – I love chocolate malt balls.  I have ever since I was a kid.  When Starbucks had the chocolate malt frappuccino I drank one almost every day.  It was the best drink they EVER had on their menu.  I was so saddened when they got rid of it.  Although, my waistline thanks them.

7 – I did an adult jazz class once.  It was really fun but I was really awful.  I have never since screwed up the courage to try it again.

8 – I don’t do basements.  I have been afraid of going into the basement ever since I was a little kid.  I still hate it.  Our home office is in the basement and this could explain the lack of postings over the last couple of months.  I really need a laptop 🙂

9 – I write out to-do lists pretty much every day, and sometimes I add things on to the list just so that I can cross them off.  Like today, after I finished my run, I wrote it on the list and crossed it off.  It makes me feel better 🙂

10 – In my head, I look just like Grace Kelly.  When I shop for clothes I always love the stuff that would look perfect on Grace Kelly.  In reality I am nowhere near her body type or style…so the changing room is sometimes quite hysterical.  I am not saying I am not happy with how I look, because I am quite comfortable and confident.  It is just still constantly a surprise to me that I am not 5’9 and blond and willowy.

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